What’s Your Sign?

I am sitting, mouth agape. Sitting in the dusty maroon 1980’s era La-Z-Boy that was my grandfather’s. Right now, something incredible has happened.

No one else is around. I’m all alone in the apartment, besides the kitties lounging on the dirty laundry pile and unmade bed.

I’ve had a revelation, and it came in the form of an unexpected, winking nod from the Universe. A sign!

I glance at the corner of our apartment to the “library” which up until tonight, was covered in boxes of wedding flotsam waiting to be assembled, hung, and celebrated under.

The largest section of shelves are devoted to my favorite women writers – Jennifer Crusie and P.C. Cast – whose novels were sorted earlier, in what I call The Great Cull.

(The Great Cull is an ongoing project I embarked on a year and a half ago, in a quest to rid myself of the things I don’t need.)

These women’s books, though? Were things I needed.

Placed on their shelves, safe and sound, our wedding-bits boxes took residency in front of the books, and I went about the business of life.

Tonight’s organizing endeavors brought me to this section of shelves, and I stood there a while, running my fingers over ragged/smooth book spines. I pulled out a few, and opened them to dog-eared bookmarks, remembering.

Dwelling in admiration for these two strong, amazing examples of authorship, I thought about my own dreams.

Some people call it “chick lit.”

Some people say that in a derogatory tone.


Those people are shortsighted and ignorant.

I want to write books under these examples.

They are full of all the best storytelling techniques. Books full of romance, adventure, fun, humor, sometimes mysticism; all rolled up in a beautifully described package. Whatever you call it, I love it.

I’ve been trying to gather the spoons to write. It’s not easy for me.

So, this New Year, as an exercise to help make myself be bolder, more confident in this writing thing, I went to my favorite authors’ social media. Looking through their latest posts, hoping for some words of wisdom, I found some good things, some kind things.

Jennifer Crusie’s post Plenty of Time spoke to me with the same fervency and belief as the tiny, undeniable voice inside urging me to put my heart on paper.

P.C. Cast’s photo demonstrated the kindness she lives in, showing me that success doesn’t automatically make you weird or inhuman. Authors are people, just like me.

Inspiring words and images from women who created worlds and characters I love, and they were speaking to me!

(Okay, to everyone within their reach on the internet, but still. To me!)

So I commented. I commented with my heart’s words, inspired by theirs.

They both wrote back.

To which, I am floored.

This day, the third day of 2016, The Year of Dawn!

It’s a sign.

Keep on trucking. Keep doing. Keep working.

Anything is possible.